Introduce Softball To Every One

Softball is a popular sport in American or other countries. But with many countries, this sport isn’t popular. And many people don’t know more about this sport. And now we will introduce to you about this sport. It is softball.

Softball - a very popular sport in Japan and the United States, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela v … v but in Sg for the vast majority of people, baseball is a sport just so strange that they only form was at capacity - holding baseball - smash, while the rules are probably rare, one really understands it all. But here - MA FC, I believe there is a lot you have to know and understand a certain part of the sport is very attractive. Once you play it, you will find that very funny Baseball, healthy and safe, there is a very high team spirit and a tactical system is extremely diverse.

The Advantage Of Softball

If compared with many other sports, I believe there are many advantages softball, if you have the passion like to try, please do not hesitate to Hn Baseball Club, usually held on the afternoon playing weekly t5 and Cn, you will be greeted enthusiastically by all member

Basically, softball just hit and run - Punch the ball and ran to the base (Golf), a total of 4 course rated in the 4 corners of a square).

Softball is played in turns, at each turn the two teams will take turns doing team offensive and defensive team.

The Rules In Softball

Meanwhile The attack would turn the batter (The polishing) up against each batter will be Out (Going out) after 3 Strike out (do not hit the ball dam) or hit the ball, but:

Have your players catch the ball in the air when the ball has not touched the ground. Meanwhile out batter will be soon.

While running the course shall be defensive player in golf there and touch the ball (or captured batter course before it could run on)

Batter will be Walk (walking the course 1) if:

Four Soccer Balls (Throw the ball Errors) - Pitcher throwing ball out outside the strike, high-pitched, low-pitched, throwing people down batter.

Dead-ball (Ball died) - Pitcher throws the ball hit the batter who hit the ball.

If the ball hit the batter and run course will be called Runner (The run course). Runner’s task is:

The Runner

Wait for the ball to be hit by the next batter to run on the next course to score. . But while waiting for the ball Runner can use tactics Steath (Pirates of the course), also known as Run before the ball was knocked to save time. This tactic is often used if the user moves batter Bunt (baseball jam before Catcher gloves to touch the ball). But this way, if such loopholes will be Double Play (Both Runner up being out for a while) or Tripple Play (3 runner is out).

After 3 batter is Out (disqualified), while two teams will change sides. The team will assault the defense team, defense team to attack again or the cong.Sau each took turns defensive and offensive ends.