Team Sports - Baseball - Team, the area on the field

The Team On The Field

The defensive players will stand in the stadium and is responsible for blocking the opponent score. There are all 9 players on the defensive team, of which only 2 positions (people throwing and catching) is fixed, and all other positions are optional. Usually there will be an optimum layout for the defense, but depending on the person and situation smash game where the players can change accordingly.

Nine defensive positions are: the shooter (pitcher), who started (catcher), holds a key (first baseman), hold key two (second baseman), hold key three (third baseman), short stop (shortstop), left outside (left fielder), between the outside (center fielder), right outside (right fielder).

The order of the players on the table is going to throw points (1), the catch (2), a holding latch (3), hold the second key (4), hold the key three (5), a short block (6) , left outside (7), between the outside (8), in addition to (9). The position of the short block (shortstop) somewhat differently than other locations due to the habits of the early players in the sport.

Export Squad

People in key positions is a major task to get the ball inside the opponent kinds of people running in a latch. When a player in the urban area is a smash blocked the ball, they will have to throw the ball toward closing a dam before the run up there to beat that kind of person.

Thus key people must be able to get a very good ball. They also need to block the latch result in a dam near run. Key people should also receive the ball from a pitcher to be able to type in key vertical runners a review of his case this far to leave and not come back up key. Compared to other positions, the closing position a comfort more often, but it still needs a lot of technique.

The players in the city do not always throw the ball well, so who has the task of closing a catch all the balls thrown towards him well. The older players, or players hit the ball well but poor defense is often a key switch on. Two key players in the defense area of ​​the right side and played key supporting two key players in situations play a supporting lightweight (bunt). He also used to cut the angles of the unnecessary closing of the players in the suburbs, or in the case of a bridge in suburban player can not throw straight on to where people start.

People stop short play in closing the gap between the two and the bottom three, but the dam where the ball hit the ball to the right hand often. They also play key support for two, three bottom, left or suburbs. Like closing the two, sometimes they cut, or as a bridge to the players in the suburbs. This is a very important position in the defense, so sometimes a short stop good players selected to play in the squad although there may not be a good ball player dam.

Three key people often need a strong arm to throw the ball quickly through the city toward the bottom one. They also need to have good reflexes, because those in the bottom three can see the ball clearly hit results than in other positions.

Outside Patio Area (Outfield)

Three players terrace (aka outfielder) is left outside, between the outside, and in addition to being named in the direction of view of the catch. Players in position often arm in addition to health to be able to kind of get people running towards ending the run or run on home three points.

People outside the area in the middle of the largest defense therefore need to be very fast, and healthy arm to move the ball on the inner city. Like a short stop position, this is the key position is placed at the back. Also the player in this position is also commander of the group of foreign players, and the players have often made outside or left outside for their ball in the case of balloons to the area between the two.

Players at the left outside position often have the weakest arm is not necessary due to throw the ball at a distance. But they also need to have the skills to run and catch the ball well because the ball hit his right hand (the majority) usually polished in this area more. They also assist in closing the game while getting three handball from the captors.