The Usage Of Softball In The World

We know baseball is very popular in Japan, many participants are practicing, despite your age. But baseball is not originating from Japan, which is derived from the US and called the US national pastimes. It is very popular in America after football.

In Asia, baseball is extremely developed in Japan, followed by South Korea and Taiwan. In addition, there are favorite baseball in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Canada.

The Development Of Softball

Although born a long time, but only baseball was introduced to sine countries in the world from the 1997, 1998, by entrepreneurs Fuchikawa (Japanese) softball brought to the University of Foreign Trade to introduce baseball to students . And Saigon Baseball is baseball’s officialcountries was first launched at the Youth Cultural House members are students from many universities in the city. But baseball is not really popular, until in 2000 a professional coach to the baseball field and initially brought up the success. Just about the last 5 years, the new department has prospered and start getting real attention from sports lovers and specific actions for this is the birth of the club.

The People Play Softball

Subjects participated in softball the current mainly boys. They are people who love sports, good strength and can easily adapt quickly to new sports. Baseball is the sport closely coordinated team, even more than football. In addition to the development of professional competence of each person, the player must know prudent coordinate with teammates, while opponents hit the ball out, then the defenders who must notify each person who will be shooting the ball, after the shooting was quick to throw the ball to his teammates quickly and must be accurate, otherwise the enemy will make scoring. Besides, if in football, with one or more players are stars, can help the home team win, then no one in baseball is both star players, all must work together in each the new tactics are breaking the records of opponents and coordination to win the final. These features and the separate or baseball.

The Support Of Everyone For Softball

Compared to developing countries or in other provinces, in the city, softball received a lot of support as well as facilitate the development this sportleaders such as ground conditions, authorization to launch a city named baseball association . the birth of the softball is inevitable, this is an extremely important turning point, paving the way for the sport to have a place, enriching lives can Sports City is not only own but also for the country, meet recreational needs of the people today.

Meanwhile the attack would turn the batter (The polishing) up against each batter will be Out (Going out) after three Strike out (do not hit the ball dam) or hit the ball.

Have your players catch the ball in the air when the ball has not touched the ground. Meanwhile Out batter will be soon.

While running the course shall be defensive player in golf there and touch the ball (or captured batter course before it could run on).


Softball is a popular sport in America and Japanse. In two countries, many people from the younger to older like this sport. In addition, it is consider as a traditional sport in America. To play this sport, each team has nine player. And then they contribute their team into some part to defense and attack.

Therefore, you shouldn’t make mistake between softball and baseball. Many people think that it is a sport. Nevertheless, you are wrong to think so. They are two sport that is independent. Each sport has an interesting feature. Therefore, it attracts so many people in all over the world.